Michael Dougan

Searching for Michael Dougan

John Kelly presents a detailed account of the life and career of a beloved figure of 1980s & 1990s Seattle alternative comics: Michael Dougan, who died last month in Japan. With special tributes from eight collogues from the days of the Seattle scene.

Paul Coker Jr.

Paul Coker Jr., 1929-2022

Andrew Farago presents a heartfelt tribute to Paul Coker Jr., a pro’s pro of comics and animation, with comments by MAD colleagues and prominent admirers alike, and dozens of images spanning his entire career.

Tom Veitch

Tom Veitch, 1941-2022

Tom Veitch, well known amongst comics readers for his underground comics with Greg Irons and popular runs on Star Wars comics has passed away due to complications related to COVID-19.

John Paul Leon: 1972-2021

Ian MacEwan presents this obituary and tribute to John Paul Leon, an artist’s artist, admired for his work on series like Earth X and The Winter Men, who died this past weekend at the age of 49.

Frank Thorne: 1930-2021

A true original, Frank Thorne’s career was a testament to joy, pleasure and rapacious creativity–and a hell of a lot of craft. In this obituary, Matt Seneca touches upon some of the many high points, following Thorne’s passing earlier this week.

Si Spencer: 1961 – 2021

A look a the career of beloved British comics writer, Si Spencer, whose sudden passing has taken many by surprise in the UK comics community.

Richard Corben: 1940-2020

In this obituary, David A. Roach eulogizes Richard Corben, best known for his Bat Out of Hell album cover and his Den comic for Heavy Metal magazine. Corben was also a pioneering filmmaker, an innovator in the use of color, and one of the first American artists to establish himself in European comics.

Ward Zwart, 1985-2020

The friends, collaborators, and colleagues of Ward Zwart reflect on the experience of working with him, reading with him and creating with him while mourning his recent passing.

Richard Lupoff: A Remembrance

Writer Richard Lupoff, one of the earliest catalysts of comics fandom, was among the first wave of fans to take comics seriously and who went on to write essays and critiques of comics, died Oct. 22 at the age of 85. In this remembrance, his friend Ted White talks about their shared history.

Bob Fujitani: 1921 – 2020

A look back at the long and prolific career of Bob Bob Fujitani, whose comics work included co-creation of Solar, many years on Flash Gordon, and a relationship with nearly every major Golden Age publisher.