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Burn or Jump

Today at TCJ, we bite our tongue. That’s where the spiders live! Continue reading


The Phase

Alec Berry and Jason Michelitch return to close out a big week. Continue reading


Dog Whistle

The death of an icon*, the return of John Martz and Aug Stone. Wednesday! Continue reading


Praying for a Nightmare

Today we’ve got Fiffe & all the overlords of the ChazaNation. It’s Monday, and it’s time for vengeance. Continue reading


Our Darling Koi

Jason gets it done, a Turtle invasion. It’s Thursday, friend. Continue reading



Gary, Russ, Marie, Steve. Let’s stop now, please. Continue reading


Fire for Effect

Marie Severin, Brenna Thummler & links for the weekend to come. Continue reading


A Girdle with a Pouch

Comics and gates. Continue reading