The Light That You Shine Can be Seen

Tegan begins her latest project with a look at the big guy: Batman, and the “Jim Aparo” who drew him best. Knightfall may not have the most beloved conclusion, but you can’t deny the opening act. Or can you?

Kind Hearts and Coronets – This Week’s Links

They say this world doesn’t make sense until you put your hands on it: but if you’re trying to make sense of the world of comics, you just need to put the part of your hands that are called fingers onto the part of technology that goes click: it’s link time, pal!

Joke Book

The “joke” is the sickly massive scope of human conflict, as Bob reads Tim Fielder’s new graphic novel Infinitum: An Afrofuturist Tale and Elsa Morante’s 1974 bestseller History: A Novel.

Max Huffman: Day Five

In today’s conclusion of Max Huffman’s Diary, he turns his pen to the recesses of his memory, delivers a classic “footprints” gag, and touches upon current affairs in a universal fashion. It’s what we in the comics business call a “perfect landing”. Get in here, buddy!

Harmonic Generator – This Week’s Links

Every week, the world asks so much: how can one keep up with the news, reviews and points-of-view that show up in comics every single week? You can turn to Clark, that’s what you can do. And within the work of his hands and the links of his soul, you might find a bit of peace. Cheer up and click through, friend!

Max Huffman: Day Four

“There’s something in them trees”, Billy once said. Which Billy? And how many trees are there at the beach, anyway? Answers: they await you, here on the precipice of clicking through to Day Four of Max Huffman’s Cartoonist’s Diary!

Inside Chartwell Manor: a Chat with Glenn Head

Mark catches up with Glenn Head, whose recent memoir Chartwell Manor touches upon trauma, Satan, sex and the other horrors of youth–with a healthy dose of the kind of honesty found in the underground comics that lit his creative fire.

Max Huffman: Day Three

Max and his crew have made it to the beach–but so has a helicopter. What’s going on? And what’s going on with the supply situation? There’s only one way to find out!

Tom Inge and What He Did

Charles Hatfield remembers one of the giants of the academic study of comics – M. Thomas Inge (1936-2021), author of Comics as Culture, and a crucial guiding force for generations of scholars.

Max Huffman: Day Two

When you hear it wrong, but it makes it oh so right: that’s what the pizza guys call “amore”. It’s day two for Max, and he’s heading to the beach!

Max Huffman: Day One

Max Huffman launches this week’s diary by sitting down and experiencing an emotional launch of his own: the kind that only cartooning can provide, without lasting physical repercussions!