Memento Miuri

A philosophical reflection on the life’s work of Kentaro Miura, creator of the influential manga series Berserk, who died this past May at the age of 54.

Nate McDonough Makes Comics About Flipping Comics

A portrait of a cartoonist, choosing to make a living shifting and sifting the detritus of the medium itself while documenting the experience along the way. Matt Petras has the story, Nate McDonough has the first aid supplies.

Limit Break – This Week’s Links

A week has concluded, with a weekend to come. Why not punctuate the former by educating yourself during the latter? Clark’s links to the past week’s comics news, reviews, interviews and points-of-views could serve as your curriculum. It’s a classic “banana in the tailpipe!”

As If By Chisel: Barry Windsor-Smith’s Monsters

To look at the state of Barry Windsor-Smith’s 30-plus year project Monsters, Tegan makes the case you need to get started in the 1500s, and bring those engravings to the present day: that is, if you want to take Windsor-Smith’s linework as seriously as he does.

Trip Report – Chicago Comics: 1960s to Now

Artist and educator Anya Davidson visits a new exhibition of Chicago cartoonists at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, spanning over half a century of history. Features dozens of pictures, an interview with co-curator Dan Nadel, and a visit to an alternative exhibition at the DIY space Gridsport.

Like Tears In Rain – This Week’s Links

Worried you’ll arrive at your next virtual comics convention without an ability to navigate all the various comics conversations? Toss those worries in the dumpster: Clark is here, and he’s got you covered with all the links you’ll need to enough comics news to keep overlong chat sessions moving while you wait to see a movie trailer!

MK Reed: Day Three

Garden work; a helpful pet; a fancy dress; trophies awarded before a thousand eyes in an empty room.

MK Reed: Day Two

Today, MK and her sibling try to find some sense of normalcy in the face of 2020’s various awfulness by heading out to the farm!