Underground Comix

Of the Old Guard and the New Kids

Author Brian Doherty’s forthcoming narrative history of underground comix, “Dirty Pictures”, is a big one – so big, an entire chapter had to be deleted for space. Today, we present to you that lost chapter as a standalone reflection on the generation gap (or lack thereof) between the underground cartoonists and their older, straighter inspirations.

George Hansen

Reamed, Not Hardly

After decades spent in the underground comics trenches, playing music and fighting careerist temptations, George Hansen has settled into a nice routine: “making the animals happy”. Bob’s ready to take a look, we’ll let Goshkin keep the score.

eric orner

“I’m A Citizen Of Gay America”: An Interview With Eric Orner

Eric Orner is one of the only former U.S. Congressional aides who can lay claim to a long-running comic strip and time spent in the Disney trenches. Today, he’s talking to Alex Dueben about how that history helped inform Smahtguy, his biography of the iconic and iconoclastic Barney Frank, one of the first gay and out congressmen and a front-line defender of civil rights.

Mark Schultz

Catching Up With Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz talks about his journey from comics, to comics that are turned into television shows and Sega CD games, to taking over the adventures of Prince Valiant… while the whole time, Xenozoic Tales remains in the background, ready to take the spotlight once more.

Anne D. Bernstein

Anne D. Bernstein, 1961-2022

The founding comics editor of Nickelodeon Magazine, the first cover artist for Drawn & Quarterly, and a longtime writer for television animation, Anne D. Bernstein travelled many paths, often at the same time. Cartoonists, editors, publishers, historians, musicians – all have gathered here to celebrate her life.


Pass Into Nothingness – This Week’s Links

The news is so treacherous right now. I’m thinking of becoming one of those people who responds to every story, regardless of topic, with “This is a god damned shame!” But you know what’s the opposite of “a shame”? The link above, friend.

Larry Hama

Do Not Fade Away

In the probable twilight of writer Larry Hama’s 40-year association with the G.I. Joe franchise, Tom Shapira examines the deeper meanings of Hama’s lengthy run on Marvel’s original toy license comics.

Hare Tonic

How Comic Books Have Changed

In this installment of R.C. Harvey’s long running column, he switches his focus from the comics of the past to look at the work of today: new work from Eduardo Risso, Sean Phillips, Jeff Lemire, Matthieu Blanchin, Howard Chaykin, and more. Thinks may have changed–but Bob has changed with them!

Tom Veitch

Tom Veitch, 1941-2022

Tom Veitch, well known amongst comics readers for his underground comics with Greg Irons and popular runs on Star Wars comics has passed away due to complications related to COVID-19.