Two Girls & A Dog Walk Into America

Shary Flenniken’s Trots and Bonnie strip is available once more, and Bob is here to talk about why that’s such a big deal, and what today’s readers should be prepared before their first meeting with the girls.

You Got Time To Duck? – This Week’s Links

Every week, the comics news attempts to defeat Clark Burscough. “There’s no way he can blurb us all”, they say. And yet, every week their reviews, interviews and points-of-views are sliced, diced, codified and linked to in one simple column, where they can be archived unread for future generations to ignore. Wait: that’s not what is supposed to happen! Get to clicking, you children of fortune!

Tatsuki Fujimoto

I Like Crap

Disposable lives amidst a disposable culture in a disposable comic – Austin Price tackles the world of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man, a boys’ manga not unlike many other boys’ manga, and many other disposable things. Yet there is something about the buzz of the motor on this thing…

I Don’t Recall Saying “Good Luck” – This Week’s Links

“The world’s too big”, they say: well, make it smaller! Small enough to fit into one single column, containing links to all the comics news, reviews and points of view that were unleashed this past week. We could ask Clark Burscough to do it. What’s this? He already has! Get yourself caught up right now!

Excerpt: Goiter #6

Kilgore and Josh Pettinger provide an early look at the centerpiece story in Goiter #6, a comic they plan to release later this summer.

Drawing On Disaster: Children, Art and Trauma 1914-2020

Cynthia reports back on Déflagrations (Detonations), at the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations in Marseille: 160 drawings by children from around the world, created between 1914 and 2020, expressing their experience of trauma, war and horror.

This Is Rumor Control, Here Are The Facts – This Week’s Links

It’s time to curl up with the spiciest collection of links this side of a pepper factory explosion where you have to say goodbye to your entire family: it’s comics linking time, with Clark as captain, and the last week of the internet’s comics news, reviews and interviews as your ocean. Get yourself to the oars, which are the links you must click!

Ditko’s Code: “A World of His Own”

Helen takes a fresh look at Steve Ditko’s creativity under the content restrictions of the 1950s: a force that burned brighter than the comics code, by embodying the code’s ideology with a perfection the censors couldn’t match.

Let’s Make The Water Turn Black – This Week’s Links

Don’t walk into the weekend without knowledge cresting your brainpan: what if someone demands you provide it? Clark’s rounded up all the news, reviews and comics related blues that you could ever require in one handy dandy omnibus–all that’s required is that you settle in and allow it to imprint itself across your mental chassis. Get to clicking, childhood Savior!

A Rite Against Cryptoart

NFTs have made their way into comics. Did they bring the sewage with them, or was the sewage already there? Artyom is on the frontlines, and he’s here to explain!