Picasso and Comics

Cynthia Rose unpacks the history of Pablo Picasson’s comics, his zines, his caricatures and the cottage fascination that he still inspires in cartoonists as a character, spilling out from the “Picasso And Comics” exhibit at Paris’ Musée Picasso.

Momentism Revisited: “Batman: Three Jokers”

One of the most read print comics of the year is….a Batman comic, featuring the Joker. Joe McCulloch is here to take a look and see what this installment of America’s favorite corporate mythology had to say for itself.

Richard Lupoff: A Remembrance

Writer Richard Lupoff, one of the earliest catalysts of comics fandom, was among the first wave of fans to take comics seriously and who went on to write essays and critiques of comics, died Oct. 22 at the age of 85. In this remembrance, his friend Ted White talks about their shared history.

Another Fine Mess – This Week’s Links

You can’t stop the news, even if you try really, really hard, even if it is bad for you and you ask for help. So why not focus on the part of the news wherein you can have dominion: the comics news? Get started here, with all the links you’ll ever need!

Pulp 716 Coffee & Comics

Keith Silva catches up with Pulp 716 about how the pandemic has changed–and in some cases improved–sales at their two locations, how they deal with people new to comics, and how to best make money off your haters.

Well, We’re Back In The Car Again – This Week’s Links

While the world continues its inexorable slide, comics keeps doing its version of violins on the Titanic. No, no one is interested in the “real story” of what happened back then: we’re here for Clark to tell us about all the reviews, news and interviews from the past week, pal!