Retail Therapy

Galactic Quest

Zach heads down South for this installment of Retail Therapy to check in with Kyle Puttkammer, who has been surviving and thriving with two Galactic Quest direct market comic book stores for decades. Optimism? He’s got some!


An Interview With Blexbolex

In this never before published interview, two highly original and wildly imaginative bookmakers discuss the book as object, “the trouble and magic” of childhood, and the word associations that create the underlying structure of Blexbolex’s stories.

Chaz Truog

“If I Could, I’d Completely Redraw It”: An Interview With Chaz Truog

While “Animal Man” may be the first title you think of when his name comes up, Chaz Truog’s career has gone much further than one fondly remembered DC comic. In this conversation, he talks about time spent in the monthly trenches with Coyote, his groundbreaking work on Leonardo Da Vinci in Chiaroscuro and his latest, the violent medieval epic, The Passion of Sergius & Bacchus.


The Hunt Emerson Interview

In this interview, which originally ran in TCJ #198 in 1997, British cartoonist Hunt Emerson (Phenomenocomix, Firkin, Calculus Cat, Casanova’s Last Stand) talks about his relationship to the American underground and European comics scenes, adapting classic literature, music, Fortean philosophy, and much more.

eric orner

“I’m A Citizen Of Gay America”: An Interview With Eric Orner

Eric Orner is one of the only former U.S. Congressional aides who can lay claim to a long-running comic strip and time spent in the Disney trenches. Today, he’s talking to Alex Dueben about how that history helped inform Smahtguy, his biography of the iconic and iconoclastic Barney Frank, one of the first gay and out congressmen and a front-line defender of civil rights.

Mark Schultz

Catching Up With Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz talks about his journey from comics, to comics that are turned into television shows and Sega CD games, to taking over the adventures of Prince Valiant… while the whole time, Xenozoic Tales remains in the background, ready to take the spotlight once more.