Pulp 716 Coffee & Comics

Keith Silva catches up with Pulp 716 about how the pandemic has changed–and in some cases improved–sales at their two locations, how they deal with people new to comics, and how to best make money off your haters.

Well, We’re Back In The Car Again – This Week’s Links

While the world continues its inexorable slide, comics keeps doing its version of violins on the Titanic. No, no one is interested in the “real story” of what happened back then: we’re here for Clark to tell us about all the reviews, news and interviews from the past week, pal!

True Belief in Stan Lee

The latest Stan Lee book is bad, that’s no surprise. But how bad is it? Helen Chazan is here to make the case that it might be the worst one yet.

The Many Worlds of Kevin Mutch

Jeffery catches up with Kevin Mutch’s, whose recent graphic novel Rough Pearl is currently preparing longtime Mutch readers for even more, via his 400-odd page webcomic Moon Prince.

Better Than A Kick In The Shins – This Week’s Links

As we roll into another weekend, Clark’s here with all the links to the world of comics: their reviews, their interviews, their announcements of transmedia intellectual property development and how this benefits people financially and is therefore a moral good that you cannot rankle at, no matter how distasteful you find its participants. Also: super-heroes!

Alterations & Alloys: CF at Anthology

Matt’s here to report back on the welcome return of the massively influential (but still under-discussed) CF, whose latest work from Anthology shows an artist still operating at full power.

In The House Of Flies – This Week’s Links

Will there ever be news again? Oh buster: of course there will be! Why, here’s a whole week’s worth of it to sink your teeth into, and it’s all about comics, comic books, and things that are comics but other people call “properties” or “content”, while blood pours out of their eyes! Click away!

Ron Cobb: 1937 – 2020

The influential illustrator, cartoonist, designer and all around imagination machine has passed away. Steve Ringgenberg looks back at a life well drawn.

Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction) – This Week’s Links

It’s time to check in for your weekly dose of comics news and links: there’s a lot of shows to catch up on, new pieces of writing on old pieces of comics, and Clark’s found it all–no stone is unturned. In fact, if you believe you’ve got an unturned stone: you’re a filthy liar!

Excerpt: “Hemingway in Comics”

A series of TCJ articles on Ernest Hemingway’s comic book appearances became a book deal, and that book deal has resulted in a book, which now appears back here, as an excerpt: it’s the circle of (promotional) life.

Bob Fujitani: 1921 – 2020

A look back at the long and prolific career of Bob Bob Fujitani, whose comics work included co-creation of Solar, many years on Flash Gordon, and a relationship with nearly every major Golden Age publisher.