Hasegawa Machiko

The Transgenerational Manga Sazae-san and Its Meaning

Can you feel nostalgia for a time that you can’t remember – even from before you were born? Maybe it’s not nostalgia, but natsukashisa. In this 2014 essay, Natsume Fusanosuke examines Sazae-san, a Japanese pop culture institution which began as a newspaper strip addressing the current day, and became a television platform for fond feelings in an eternal midcentury.

Here Comes Tomorrow: The Last Ronin

Tom Shapira dives deep into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin, a ‘dark future’ Turtles comic marking the return of the series’ original creators… sort of.

comics history

Ardent Spirits: The Dive Bar of Comic Art

Cynthia Rose peels back the history of the secret life inside the bar Père Lunette: comic art born of militant politics. While the 19th century bar served society’s lowest, it also welcomed socialists, anarchists and Communards. In Père Lunette, we watch caricature evolve and witness the art’s most troubled hours. Its art personifies laughter as resistance.

Sid Jacobson

Sid Jacobson, 1929-2022

Mark Arnold, editor and publisher of The Harveyville Fun Times!, remembers the longtime Harvey editor Sid Jacobson – also a novelist and a Billboard Top 10 hit songwriter, who enjoyed late-in-life popularity as a writer of nonfiction comics. Jacobson died on July 23.

Pablo Picasso

Half Note Art

What can Picasso tell us about cartooning? How can we define ‘drawing’ in the greater tradition of visual art? Andrew Field has a few suggestions.

Ryōichi Ikegami

Memories of Supaidāman

In the wide world of international cultural exchange, few comics are more curious than the brooding, violent version of Spider-Man drawn by Ikegami Ryōichi in the early 1970s. Now, for the first time in English, Ono Kōsei, one of the facilitators of that project, reveals the secret origin of Supaidāman.

Alan Grant

The John Wagner and Alan Grant Interview

In this 1988 discussion from The Comics Journal #122, writers John Wagner and Alan Grant define their politics (and those of Judge Dredd), compare Dredd artists, and talk about coping with the seemingly random taboos of British comics censorship.

Alan Grant

Alan Grant, 1949-2022

Tom Shapira remembers the hugely prolific writer of British and American comics, capable of gruesome violence and tender introspection. Grant died earlier this month.