Like Tears In Rain – This Week’s Links

Worried you’ll arrive at your next virtual comics convention without an ability to navigate all the various comics conversations? Toss those worries in the dumpster: Clark is here, and he’s got you covered with all the links you’ll need to enough comics news to keep overlong chat sessions moving while you wait to see a movie trailer!

MK Reed: Day Three

Garden work; a helpful pet; a fancy dress; trophies awarded before a thousand eyes in an empty room.

MK Reed: Day Two

Today, MK and her sibling try to find some sense of normalcy in the face of 2020’s various awfulness by heading out to the farm!

The Nate Powell Interview

In this expansive interview, Nate Powell describes the experience of working with Congressman John Lewis and writer Andrew Aydin on the widely popular March trilogy, his most recent non-fiction comics work Save It For Later, and how his work and parenting has been informed and changed by the American political climate of the last four years.

MK Reed: Day One

A new Cartoonist’s Diary begins, and so does a new era for a dog, depicted by MK Reed as having experienced, for the first time…well, you’ll just have to read on to find out!

The Light That You Shine Can Be Seen – Part 3

In the conclusion of Tegan’s look back at Knightfall, she makes her way to the other lodestone creator of 90s Batman iconography: filmmaker Joel Schumaker, whose colorful versions of Gotham City’s most popular inhabitants couldn’t be further from where Bruce Wayne now resides. Or could they?

Impressions of Shirow Masamune, 1983-1997

It’s an artist-on-artist special, as comics and animation veteran Tom Herpich makes his way through 14 years’ worth of manga by that inspiring and infuriating legend, Shirow Masamune, recording his thoughts book by book.

Hare Tonic

Shoes & John Q. Public

Bob is calling class to order, and this time, he’s looking back at Vaughn Shoemaker, the question of who invented the “Q” in John Q. Public, how the Gospels made it past the editing stage, and supplying some professional anecdotes of the way things used to be, professionally..