George Hansen

Reamed, Not Hardly

After decades spent in the underground comics trenches, playing music and fighting careerist temptations, George Hansen has settled into a nice routine: “making the animals happy”. Bob’s ready to take a look, we’ll let Goshkin keep the score.

Joke Book

The “joke” is the sickly massive scope of human conflict, as Bob reads Tim Fielder’s new graphic novel Infinitum: An Afrofuturist Tale and Elsa Morante’s 1974 bestseller History: A Novel.

Two Girls & A Dog Walk Into America

Shary Flenniken’s Trots and Bonnie strip is available once more, and Bob is here to talk about why that’s such a big deal, and what today’s readers should be prepared before their first meeting with the girls.

The Personal Statement

A stack of books–new editions of John Porcellino’s King-Cat collections from Drawn & Quarterly–sends our writer into a voyage of discovery regarding the influential cartoonist, whom he now reads for the first time.

No Other Person Doing

This time around, Goshkin is taking into a look at a recent Institute 193 publication called Cosmic Giggles, featuring work by Charles Williams.

From Croatia With Love

An out of nowhere email from the other side of the world introduces Meisel to the comics of Ivana Armanini and their Crotian peers–including the book that most recently won the Angouleme Festival’s Alternative Comics Award, Komikaze.

Sweating the Small Stuff

Bob and Adele made their way over to the East Bay’s show of Guy Cowell miniatures, and he’s got a lot to say about some little paintings.

Ming! Ming! Ming!

Sexton Ming and J.T. Dockery’s 15-years-in-the-making collaboration, Kenttucky Pussy, made its way into the world via Nix Comix, earlier this year. Bob Levin took the trip, and he’s recovered enough to explain.

The Purpose of Shittiness

Bob Levin’s all caught up on the early years of Casanova Frankenstein, and he’s ready to play tour guide. Buckle your seatbelt!