Creation Matrix – This Week’s Links

I’ve been keeping a journal of inspiring phrases that pop into my head at night to use in this space. Last night I came up with “Reticence is Nothing to the Flying Man.” Is that any good? The rest were dirty.

Koyama Provides: The Artists

A collection of Koyama Provides grant recipients share about the projects, creations, and collaborations that they’ve received over the last year.

S. Clay Wilson

Charlie Dear

There’s a new book of S. Clay Wilson’s correspondence out there, and Goshkin is ready to report back on the experience…and to consider why some artists end up with French bank accounts, while others worry about “a doorway reeking of piss”.

Going to Pieces – Peacemaker Lost and Found

They say nobody prays harder for peace than the soldier… but for what does the Peacemaker pray? Tom Shapira sifts through the rubble of another Charlton concept blown to bits in the blood & thunder of the 1980s.