Joseph Greene

Joseph Greene, Comics Creator

A profile of an industrious Golden Age comic book writer, a collaborator with Jerry Robinson, Jack Kirby and Mort Meskin – one of the first to see his fortunes flower on television, before politics took its toll.


An Interview With Blexbolex

In this never before published interview, two highly original and wildly imaginative bookmakers discuss the book as object, “the trouble and magic” of childhood, and the word associations that create the underlying structure of Blexbolex’s stories.


Permanent Damage Comix Show: San Francisco, 2022

Chris Anthony Diaz hit the streets of San Francisco at the same time as a whole bunch of cartoonists for the Permanent Damage Comix Show, which had made its way over from Michael Mann’s own Los Angeles. Would the Bay Area be able to handle all that Hollywood? Let’s go to the film!

Philly Comics Expo

PCX 2022

TCJ editor Joe McCulloch attended Philadelphia’s premiere small-press comic book show, and we were unable to stop him from filing a report.

Dave Sim

A Fig in Winter

Bob Levin takes on one of the most absorbing and perplexing books of recent years: The Strange Death of Alex Raymond, an impossible, unfinished inquiry into “comic-art metaphysics” by Dave Sim & Carson Grubaugh.