André Valente: Day Four

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and sometimes, your first impression includes a phrase that you may never be able to recover from. André Valente presents: A Cautionary Tale!


Finding Format

“Webtoons” are the rising popular style of webcomics today, employing an infinite canvass to draw the reader’s eye downward in the manner typical of internet publishing. But what happens when these comics are transformed into books? Aidan Lee explores the bumpy results.

Hare Tonic

Remembering Playboy & Hef

R.C. Harvey first encountered Playboy in 1955, two years after it started publishing. Today, in 2022, he eulogizes what the magazine used to be, and laments what it eventually became.

George Perez

George Pérez, 1954-2022

As the newsstands gave way to the comic book direct market, and fans obsessed over the minutiae of hundreds of characters, a Titan emerged who could draw them all with the grace and weight of polished jewels. Here we remember George Pérez.