Retail Therapy

Galactic Quest

Zach heads down South for this installment of Retail Therapy to check in with Kyle Puttkammer, who has been surviving and thriving with two Galactic Quest direct market comic book stores for decades. Optimism? He’s got some!

Michael Dougan

Searching for Michael Dougan

John Kelly presents a detailed account of the life and career of a beloved figure of 1980s & 1990s Seattle alternative comics: Michael Dougan, who died last month in Japan. With special tributes from eight collogues from the days of the Seattle scene.

Art Spiegelman


Bob Levin reckons with the career and comics of Art Spiegelman in response to Breakdowns, newly released in paperback.

Jiro Taniguchi

Taniguchi Jirō and His Gekiga Years

Japanese publishers have launched a massive series of reprints spanning the career of the late Taniguchi Jirō, with many supplemental essays. Today we present a 2022 item from Natsume Fusanosuke, laying out a theory of gekiga’s evolution via Taniguchi’s collaboration with the writer Sekikawa Natsuo.

Retail Therapy

Big Bang Comics

Ireland’s Big Bang Comics reports to Zach and TCJ about the changes they’ve seen in the old school single-issue comics retail model, and whether a periodical-focused store has an economic future.