Hare Tonic

Remembering Playboy & Hef

R.C. Harvey first encountered Playboy in 1955, two years after it started publishing. Today, in 2022, he eulogizes what the magazine used to be, and laments what it eventually became.

George Perez

George Pérez, 1954-2022

As the newsstands gave way to the comic book direct market, and fans obsessed over the minutiae of hundreds of characters, a Titan emerged who could draw them all with the grace and weight of polished jewels. Here we remember George Pérez.

Chaz Truog

“If I Could, I’d Completely Redraw It”: An Interview With Chaz Truog

While “Animal Man” may be the first title you think of when his name comes up, Chaz Truog’s career has gone much further than one fondly remembered DC comic. In this conversation, he talks about time spent in the monthly trenches with Coyote, his groundbreaking work on Leonardo Da Vinci in Chiaroscuro and his latest, the violent medieval epic, The Passion of Sergius & Bacchus.

Massimo Mattioli

Transgression: Squeak the Mouse

Massimo Mattioli‘s Squeak the Mouse is an excellent comic; transgressive to the point of sparking litigation. But what does it mean to be ‘transgressive’ today? To be sold as such? It’s one thing to get the joke… but who is it on?


The Hunt Emerson Interview

In this interview, which originally ran in TCJ #198 in 1997, British cartoonist Hunt Emerson (Phenomenocomix, Firkin, Calculus Cat, Casanova’s Last Stand) talks about his relationship to the American underground and European comics scenes, adapting classic literature, music, Fortean philosophy, and much more.


The Infinite Canvas and MS Paint Adventures

Andrew Hussie’s MS Paint Adventures used online media spaces to foster communities, modes of presentation and storytelling in a fashion that allowed the conventions of comics to be bent and broken to fit artistic vision to a degree that remains unique in the medium’s history.