Jiro Taniguchi

Taniguchi Jirō and His Gekiga Years

Japanese publishers have launched a massive series of reprints spanning the career of the late Taniguchi Jirō, with many supplemental essays. Today we present a 2022 item from Natsume Fusanosuke, laying out a theory of gekiga’s evolution via Taniguchi’s collaboration with the writer Sekikawa Natsuo.

Retail Therapy

Big Bang Comics

Ireland’s Big Bang Comics reports to Zach and TCJ about the changes they’ve seen in the old school single-issue comics retail model, and whether a periodical-focused store has an economic future.


AfterShocks and Tremors

A recent bankruptcy filing by a comics publisher has resulted in multiple stories of non-payment to creators, some of whom question whether they will ever see compensation for the work they have performed.

Retail Therapy

Titan Comics

We head to Dallas to speak with Jeremy Shorr about Titan Comics for our ongoing look at comics retail. Do all those movies and television drive sales? Why didn’t Jeremy ever watch Endgame? This back issue expert has some stories to tell!