Born Slippy – This Weeks Links

You walk through the streets, confident–but do they know something you don’t? Their faces seem writ with knowledge, their eyes, round with whimsy. Oh no: you haven’t read your weekly Clark yet! How will you keep up in this Golden Age of Sequential Art, without his trusty hand to guide you towards the last week that comics saw? Never fear, friend. His hand is reaching out. Won’t you take it?

Jack T. Chick

Life is Worth Living

Caving to popular demand like a craven huckster, TCJ editor Joe McCulloch presents an adaptation of a 2013 audio broadcast on the topic of infamous religious cartoonist Jack T. Chick, updated to the present day.

Memento Miuri

A philosophical reflection on the life’s work of Kentaro Miura, creator of the influential manga series Berserk, who died this past May at the age of 54.

Nate McDonough Makes Comics About Flipping Comics

A portrait of a cartoonist, choosing to make a living shifting and sifting the detritus of the medium itself while documenting the experience along the way. Matt Petras has the story, Nate McDonough has the first aid supplies.

Limit Break – This Week’s Links

A week has concluded, with a weekend to come. Why not punctuate the former by educating yourself during the latter? Clark’s links to the past week’s comics news, reviews, interviews and points-of-views could serve as your curriculum. It’s a classic “banana in the tailpipe!”

As If By Chisel: Barry Windsor-Smith’s Monsters

To look at the state of Barry Windsor-Smith’s 30-plus year project Monsters, Tegan makes the case you need to get started in the 1500s, and bring those engravings to the present day: that is, if you want to take Windsor-Smith’s linework as seriously as he does.