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The Weight of Postwar Life: Tsuge Tadao vs. Takano Shinzo, 1969

A never-before-translated vintage interview with the legendary mangaka Tsuge Tadao (Trash Market, Slum Wolf) conducted by a Garo editor Continue reading


Eye Buds: Yokoyama Yuichi and Audiovisual Abstraction in Comics, Part 2

Is Yokoyama plugged into portability as well? Clearly he is into mobile eyes and mobile ears. How about mobile devices and mobile books, and the techniques of miniaturization, content formatting, and sensorial coordination that they require? What follows is a meandering stab at an answer. Continue reading


Eye Drum: Yokoyama Yuichi and Audiovisual Abstraction in Comics

Looking at how Yokoyama plays with the fact that visual experience in comics is often deeply tied to the ear and, through the ear, the human voice. Continue reading


Nuclear Literati: Nakashima Kiyoshi’s Furusato Goes to Hell

The complicated role of Nakashima Kiyoshi at the intersection of art and power in Japan’s Nuclear culture. Continue reading


Pro-Nuclear Manga: The Seventies and Eighties

Black and white, pens-for-hire nuclear propaganda manga. Continue reading


Singing Our Own Song: Hayashi Seiichi vs. Sasaki Maki, 1969

Conversations in manga. Continue reading


A Vogue for I Don’t Get It: Hayashi Seiichi vs. Sasaki Maki, 1967-69

In the late 1960s “Hayashi and Sasaki” became a set conjunction, and remained so in much retrospective writing. Amongst the standby names used to group their work were “avant-garde manga” (zen’ei manga), “difficult-to-understand manga” (nankai manga), and “anti-manga” (anchi manga). Continue reading


Gottfredson’s Illegitimate Heirs: Tezuka Osamu and the Great Wall of 1945

Debating Tezuka’s American influences. Continue reading