Joe Matt

The Joe Matt Interview

In this extensive interview from The Comics Journal #183 (January 1996), Christopher Brayshaw speaks with the cartoonist Joe Matt (1963-2023) about his career to date.

Joe Matt

Seth on Joe Matt, 1995

From The Comics Journal #183 (January 1996): Christopher Brayshaw followed up his Joe Matt interview with a conversation with the Peepshow cartoonist’s friend and fellow cartoonist, Seth.

Murderers’ Row

Murderers’ Row: Marc Silvestri

Perhaps forever to be known as one of the founders of Image Comics, Marc Silvestri’s career nonetheless stretches from the glory days of Conan the Barbarian to a brand-new Batman / Joker team-up project. And Tegan’s here to tell you all about it.

Masami Kurumada

Soldier Dream: Saint Seiya

Revered in some of the world, obscure elsewhere, Masami Kurumada’s Saint Seiya was among the most unwavering martial fantasies of 1980s Japanese boys’ comics. This is a story about loving that burning saga as a youth, and watching it flicker from afar in the long night of adulthood.

Riad Sattouf

A Boy’s Life

A reflection on memoir as morbid fiction, the exquisite torture of progress, and the unfinished English translation of Riad Sattouf’s The Arab of the Future.

The Conclusion of Happy Mania

Flashback to 2001, as we catch a contemporaneous newspaper reaction to the end of Happy Mania, the breakthrough series of women’s manga superstar Anno Moyoko. Writer Miyamoto Hirohito is translated here by Jon Holt and Saki Hirozane.