Underground Comics

A Sociocultural Oral History of Tits & Clits

Among the comic book titles of the underground era, few were as memorable as Tits & Clits. On the occasion of a new omnibus collection, Edward Dorey sits down with editor/co-founder Joyce Farmer, editor Mary Fleener, and latter-day publisher Ron Turner to hear the story of this groundbreaking erotic anthology for women.

Murderers’ Row

Murderers’ Row: Lee Weeks

Beginning a new irregular feature, in which Tegan treats the artists in collaborative genre comics the way writers are more often treated: as authors of their own oeuvre. First up is the slick and shadowed stylist Lee Weeks.

Retail Therapy


Zach speaks to comics retail fixture Buddy Saunders about how he went from the early days of comics mail order to online comics behemoth – and all the direct market stores he ran in the meantime.

James Kugler

Comics Brut-al

In 2021, Paul Karasik introduced the world to the ultraviolent 1940s homemade comics of child artist James Kugler. Now, on the occasion of those comics receiving a scholarly presentation from the University Press of Mississippi, Karasik reflects further on war and cartooning.

Jim Rugg

Past Perfect

Act I So I guess what it comes down to is that I’ve underrated Jim Rugg for a significant amount of time. When I trip merrily down the primrose path of memory I’m struck by how I’ve enjoyed the products of his career, for the most part. And also by how little I’ve rated him… Read more »

Retail Therapy

Atomic City Comics

Retail Therapy returns to Pennsylvania to take a look at a different perspective on selling comics in Philadelphia, as Zach sits down with Michael Yates of Atomic City Comics.

Reimena Yee

“The Entire Point Of Being In Comics Is To Be Here For A Long Time”: An Interview with Reimena Yee

Reimena Yee’s extensive comics-making career encompasses adult comics, kids’ comics, serialized webcomics, print comics and illustration. The winner of the 2022 Ignatz Award for Outstanding Artist, Yee’s webcomic Alexander, the Servant & the Water of Life has also been featured in an exhibition at the British Library. My Aunt Is a Monster, Yee’s latest graphic… Read more »