A Rite Against Cryptoart

NFTs have made their way into comics. Did they bring the sewage with them, or was the sewage already there? Artyom is on the frontlines, and he’s here to explain!

François Vigneault: Days 10-11

Today, François pulls back the curtain to show off the trusty steed that serves as chariot for the road trip these diaries depict: and speaking of depictions, today’s whale is still alive!

François Vigneault: Days 5-9

Will François’s visit to a Canadian lighthouse turn out like the lighthouse experience depicted in the movie with Willem Dafoe? Only a keen reader of today’s Cartoonist’s Diary will know the answer, unless somebody spoils it for them first. Don’t do that!

François Vigneault: Day 1-4

Today, one week will become two, as we’ll be joining François Vigneault for his travels along Canada’s Côte-Nord. In this installment, kayaks, subwoofers and Dan Brown make an appearance!

Imagine You’re A Deer – This Week’s Links

Is comics just one long series of distribution related soap operas that will never die? No, you bozo! It’s an artform with a whole breadth of soap operas that will never die! Why, each week there’s a whole list of news, reviews and interviews to captivate and delight you–why, here’s a bunch now, collected in link form!

The Personal Statement

A stack of books–new editions of John Porcellino’s King-Cat collections from Drawn & Quarterly–sends our writer into a voyage of discovery regarding the influential cartoonist, whom he now reads for the first time.

Ego’s Door: A Cartoonist’s Diary

This week’s Cartoonist’s Diary comes at you in one extreme, recognizably dramatic installment: join Michael Olivo as he and a very special guest deal with existential and creative ennui via illustrative assault. Or do they?

The Frank Thorne Interview

CW: This post contains explicit, drawn pornographic images. In this conversation from The Comics Journal #280 (January 2007), Frank Thorne talks about a cartooning career that ultimately spanned more than 60 years. He worked in genres such as SF, sword and sorcery and history on comic books and strips — most notably, on Marvel’s Red Sonja title — before following his bliss.

Halcyon And On And On – This Week’s Links

Another Friday arrives, and its time for the comics biz to rest its head: but not yours, art-loving-zealot! You’ve got news to read, interviews to click on and critical essays to ponder. Clark’s got them all lined up for you–join him now, on the other side of forever!

Frank Thorne: 1930-2021

A true original, Frank Thorne’s career was a testament to joy, pleasure and rapacious creativity–and a hell of a lot of craft. In this obituary, Matt Seneca touches upon some of the many high points, following Thorne’s passing earlier this week.

Charlie and The Courtroom

Cynthia Rose looks at cartoonist François Boucq’s courtroom illustration coverage of the recent trial for the murders at Charlie Hebdo, in Montrouge and at the Hyper Cacher (“Super Kosher”) supermarket, which he covered on behalf of Charlie Hebdo and recently saw release as Janvier 2015 The Trial in collaboration with Yannick Haenel.

La Belle Dame Sans Merci – This Week’s Links

Once again, another week of comics news has arrived: reader, which story while you click on solely for the purpose of the intoxicating rage its narrative will provide? It’s a personal question that only you can answer, with that answer laying beyond the risen shore: begin your journey to truth now.