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John Pham’s J + K

John Pham stakes out new territory with this Spanish-language collection. Continue reading


Wet Earth

Lala Albert’s new book from Sonatina, with drawings far more accomplished than anything Albert has done before. Continue reading


Is This the Dave Gibbons Way?

In his new book, the artist of Watchmen tries to explain “How Comics Work”. Continue reading


CAB 2017

All new digs for this NYC art comics festival make for a great show all around Continue reading


Risograph Workbook 6

Panayiotis Terzis on riso printing – the hope of the future? Perhaps. Continue reading


Risograph Workbook 5

Continuing my series on the pioneers of risograph printing with a conversation with John Pham. Continue reading


Risograph Workbook 4

Ryan Sands, Publisher at Youth in Decline, on riso printing and book production and the genius of Mickey Z. Continue reading


Risograph Workbook 3

Ryan Cecil Smith on color, line, and Japan. Continue reading