Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year. Spring cleaning. The house is still cold but it’s warm enough outside to open the windows all the way. April. After Easter. Everyday is rain and crazy clouds. Then clear blue and sunny for a minute. The magnolia trees are super pretty right now. It’s interesting to see their colors change against various sky colors: blue, white & grey. 


Pittsburgh PA is mostly grey. But when the sun’s out all the colors change. Last nite I was driving around and the late day grey was pierced by magic hour sun and stark slate backgrounds difficult to render by sketch or by photo even—one of those impossible to capture color arrays.



Rain everyday so it’s easy to putz around inside. While doing laundry in the basement, I started moving piles of papers around. I have this big eight-foot sheet of plywood at one end to stack drawings on. I haven’t organized it since before I went to New Mexico years ago. And I’ve only added to the scrap heap since. Lets see what kind of scraps I can find. Spring cleaning show and tell.



Aidan Koch riso print I got from her in NYC last summer (below).



Matthew Thurber painting (from 2008?) that I stole from his stage show with his permission.



Brian Chippendale silkscreen poster he did for PictureBox signing: Storeyville, Maggots, and Powr Mastrs 1 (2007).





Gary “back of the envelope master” Panter (below).



Eddie Martinez painting (2006?). I got this at Taylor McKimens' studio one night when Eddie was showing off and painted like a hundred of these in half an hour and gave a bunch away (below).



Cold Heat subscription drawing (2006).



Drawing of Castle (below) from Cold Heat by me and inked by Jim Rugg (2009).



Jaime Hernandez drawing (below) which he gave me as a thank you for driving him and Beto around on 2012 tour.



Brandon Graham NSFW page I got from him on tour in Vancouver 2013.



Noel Freibert poster for a Lightning Bolt show in Baltimore that happened the day after we dd a comics show in same place with Los Bros. No overlap which was a  super bummer. I didn't find the flyer for the comics show. Yet.



Mat Brinkman blacklight poster 2010? (below).



Another Brinkman poster below. Check out how it photographs differently depending on light and other colors. Dude’s trippin’.







I mail ordered this from Justin Green about a year ago. I dunno how he manages to keep prices so low :)



Last one. I got Gary Panter to draw over top of one of my grid templates (below). 2009.


Hope that was fun and not too boring. Trying to get a handle on my hoarding :0