No Other Person Doing

This time around, Goshkin is taking into a look at a recent Institute 193 publication called Cosmic Giggles, featuring work by Charles Williams.

Rip It Up And Start Again – This Week’s Links

Beginnings. Endings. Awards. Lists. Talking. Comics. Words. Periods After Words. Underlined words and phrases. The comics news has arrived! Clark is ready to send you out, shooting through the tubes, so that you may rest yourself upon it!

Richard Corben: 1940-2020

In this obituary, David A. Roach eulogizes Richard Corben, best known for his Bat Out of Hell album cover and his Den comic for Heavy Metal magazine. Corben was also a pioneering filmmaker, an innovator in the use of color, and one of the first American artists to establish himself in European comics.

Man Out of Time

Tom Shapira looks at the storied history of Dan Dare, and all the random hands that have shaped and reshaped the character for the last 70 years of his existence.