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ED-CMYK: A Survey of RoboCop in Comics (Part Two)

Looking at the best and the worst RoboCop comics, which show that even when a story’s social commentary loses out to the chance to sell a dozen diminished returns, the message can still carry a charge. Continue reading


ED-CMYK: A Survey of RoboCop in Comics (Part One)

RoboCop moved from film to comics with an almost pre-programmed inevitability, which doesn’t make the resulting comics any less remarkable—or ironic. Continue reading


Episode 35: Carol Tyler

On the final installment, Carol Tyler (Soldier’s Heart, Fab4 Mania) talks settling scores and a musical approach to comics-making. Plus, a fond farewell as Greg goes underground. Continue reading


Episode 34: Ben Passmore

On the penultimate episode, the BTTM FDRS creator discusses the impact of Prince of Cats, shelving a post-collegiate magnum opus, and when leather jackets and moshing came to hip-hop. Continue reading


Episode 33: Hannah Blumenreich

The The Immortal Bro and Spidey-Zine creator talks Mildred Louis, Stuart Immonen, Go For It, Nakamura!, and more. Continue reading


Episode 32: Mike Dawson

The author of Rules for Dating My Daughter and Troop 142 discusses Boogie Nights, Oor Wullie, Eleanor Davis, and more. Continue reading


Episode 31: Lauren Weinstein

The Normel Person and Goddess of Warcreator talks Aisha Franz, Gary Panter, Carol Tyler, and more. Continue reading


Episode 30: Laura Lannes

The cartoonist behind By Monday I’ll Be Floating in the Hudson with the Other Garbage and the upcoming John, Dear discusses Laerte, Puiupo, and Sarah Manguso, as well as the uses–and perils–of humor in art. Continue reading