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The Funnies 054 (Dell - April 1941) 018

Connecticut Cartoonist #8: Uncle Oskar’s Ragtime Band

Whitman/Dell Comics and a trio of artists.

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Connecticut Cartoonists #7: Mort Walker, Dik Browne and Jerry Dumas

A gag dynasty. Continue reading


Connecticut Cartoonists #6: More Quality Folks

This time our crew consists of Klaus Nordling, Harry Sahle, Tony DiPreta and, in Connecticut for a brief stay, Alex Kotzky. Continue reading


Connecticut Cartoonists #5: The Philosopher of Okefenokee Swamp

Walt Kelly, George Ward, Pogo, and politics. Continue reading


Connecticut Cartoonists #4: Superheroes, Politics, and Soap

Gil Kane, Warren King, Leonard Starr

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Connecticut Cartoonists #3: Quality Folks

Jack and Gill. Continue reading


Connecticut Cartoonists #2: This Is A Job For Supermen

The fate of the Man of Steel’s artisans. Continue reading


Connecticut Cartoonists #1 The Alex Raymond Circle

The hard drinking romance-style crew. Continue reading