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Connecticut Cartoonists #4: Superheroes, Politics, and Soap

Gil Kane, Warren King, Leonard Starr

  Continue reading


Connecticut Cartoonists #3: Quality Folks

Jack and Gill. Continue reading


Connecticut Cartoonists #2: This Is A Job For Supermen

The fate of the Man of Steel’s artisans. Continue reading


Connecticut Cartoonists #1 The Alex Raymond Circle

The hard drinking romance-style crew. Continue reading

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Leonard Starr: 1925-2015

Starr created the best-drawn and the best-written adventurous soap-opera strip (Mary Perkins, On Stage), continued another legendary strip (Annie), and developed a popular animation television franchise (ThunderCats). Continue reading


Fred Ray

The historical travels of a journeyman cartoonist. Continue reading


Basil Wolverton

A decades-long correspondence with the great cartoonist. Continue reading


Sheldon Mayer

A lifetime of letters: This week the great cartoonist and editor reflects on his life. Continue reading

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