Retail Therapy

Black Cat Comics

It’s off to Salt Lake City to speak with Greg Gage about back issues, what it’s really like to deal with all those new distributors, and how companies like Marvel & DC might get things back on track: the answer probably isn’t in a movie theater!

Retail Therapy

Mile High Comics

Zach speaks with one of the most well-known comics retailers in the world, Chuck Rozanski, who has refused to let capitalism, right-wing zealots, a coal-covered floor or a brain bleed stop him from doing what he loves: running Mile High Comics.

Underground Comics

A Sociocultural Oral History of Tits & Clits

Among the comic book titles of the underground era, few were as memorable as Tits & Clits. On the occasion of a new omnibus collection, Edward Dorey sits down with editor/co-founder Joyce Farmer, editor Mary Fleener, and latter-day publisher Ron Turner to hear the story of this groundbreaking erotic anthology for women.

Murderers’ Row

Murderers’ Row: Lee Weeks

Beginning a new irregular feature, in which Tegan treats the artists in collaborative genre comics the way writers are more often treated: as authors of their own oeuvre. First up is the slick and shadowed stylist Lee Weeks.

Retail Therapy


Zach speaks to comics retail fixture Buddy Saunders about how he went from the early days of comics mail order to online comics behemoth – and all the direct market stores he ran in the meantime.