Max Huffman: Day Four

“There’s something in them trees”, Billy once said. Which Billy? And how many trees are there at the beach, anyway? Answers: they await you, here on the precipice of clicking through to Day Four of Max Huffman’s Cartoonist’s Diary!

Inside Chartwell Manor: a Chat with Glenn Head

Mark catches up with Glenn Head, whose recent memoir Chartwell Manor touches upon trauma, Satan, sex and the other horrors of youth–with a healthy dose of the kind of honesty found in the underground comics that lit his creative fire.

Max Huffman: Day Three

Max and his crew have made it to the beach–but so has a helicopter. What’s going on? And what’s going on with the supply situation? There’s only one way to find out!

Tom Inge and What He Did

Charles Hatfield remembers one of the giants of the academic study of comics – M. Thomas Inge (1936-2021), author of Comics as Culture, and a crucial guiding force for generations of scholars.

Max Huffman: Day Two

When you hear it wrong, but it makes it oh so right: that’s what the pizza guys call “amore”. It’s day two for Max, and he’s heading to the beach!

Max Huffman: Day One

Max Huffman launches this week’s diary by sitting down and experiencing an emotional launch of his own: the kind that only cartooning can provide, without lasting physical repercussions!

“If The Marks Are Perfect, How Can You Relate To Them?”: An Interview with Gareth Brookes

Gareth Brookes may be responsible for the first comic about historical medieval plagues that was inspired by a real life Drake related Tik Tok craze, and if he’s not, he’s certainly responsible for the first one to be made utilizing pyrography. Joe Decie catches up with the cartoonist about why Brookes keeps attacking the page…and whether he can even stop himself at this point.

Bought, Not Opened, And Thrown Away – This Week’s Links

There’s no sleepy days of summer in store for this thing called comics: but how to keep up with the neverending onslaught of news, reviews & points of view? Well if you don’t have the stones to just up and quit–always an option!–than turn to your pal Clark Burscough, who has compiled a dossier of all known values, prepared links to said things, and left it waiting, on the other side of a simple click. Make your play, sibling!

Five Years Left To Cry In – This Week’s Links

Do you know how dangerous it can be to randomly go roaming the internet for comics news, reviews and points of views? Buddy: take a look at that pipeline situation. It’s rough out there! Why not place your faith in the good orderly direction of Clark Burscough’s hands, and allow him to send you towards the artform’s latest twists and turns? It’s the only sensible choice!


Jeff Trexler, interim executive director of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, pitched to us an essay on strategies for rebuilding an ethical environment at the beleaguered organization. We agreed, so long as its points could be discussed in a follow-up interview. Here is that essay, and that interview.

John Paul Leon: 1972-2021

Ian MacEwan presents this obituary and tribute to John Paul Leon, an artist’s artist, admired for his work on series like Earth X and The Winter Men, who died this past weekend at the age of 49.

Like To A Diver In The Pearly Seas – This Week’s Links

You have to find a reason when your feet hit the floor, and it would probably be a better one if you didn’t come from the web. But that’s where you are, and you’re about to meet a friend: Clark, who has all the comics news, reviews and points of view from the past week that you could need. Your petty resentments can come with you. They always have before!