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About Robert Kirby

Rob Kirby is a cartoonist based in Minneapolis. He has received the Xeric Grant & the Prism Queer Press Grant. Among his books are Curbside Boys, The Book of Boy Trouble Volumes 1 & 2, the Ignatz Award-winning anthology QU33R, and The Shirley Jackson Project.

Rob Kirby: Day Five

There’s one challenge that the Cartoonist’s Diary must sometimes embrace: how far are you willing to go? Today, Rob Kirby takes a very specific plunge! Continue reading


Rob Kirby: Day Four

If you thought you knew what was coming after yesterday’s entry, then today might come as a shock: a phone is about to make some noise, and a situation is about to change! Continue reading


Rob Kirby: Day Three

Rob’s job is taken up less of his time than usual, and while that isn’t by choice, so far, things are working out just fine. His hair, on the other hand, is showing signs of trouble. Continue reading


Rob Kirby: Day Two

Today, Rob gets the kind of weather his soul needs, some evidence that the “big move” was the “right move”, but a knockout reminder of the world outside is waiting in the wings. Continue reading


Rob Kirby: Day One

Rob is hunkered down at home, and it’s doing things to his hair, his relationship, and his feelings: and that’s all okay. A new Cartoonist’s Diary begins! Continue reading


“A Shared Universe, with the Camera Slowly Panning Outwards”: An Interview with Eric Kostiuk Williams

Talking to the Eisner- and Doug Wright Award-nominated creator of Hungry Bottom Comics. Continue reading


“A Fair Bit of Alchemy”: A Q&A with Luke Howard

The author of Talk Dirty to Me and Our Mother talks about teaching at CCS, anxiety disorders, and his creative process. Continue reading


“I Want Everything to Mean Something”: A Conversation with MariNaomi

Talking to the Turning Japanese creator about storytelling, promotion, traveling to Japan, and an atheist’s take on spirituality. Continue reading

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