Kind Hearts and Coronets – This Week’s Links

They say this world doesn’t make sense until you put your hands on it: but if you’re trying to make sense of the world of comics, you just need to put the part of your hands that are called fingers onto the part of technology that goes click: it’s link time, pal!

Harmonic Generator – This Week’s Links

Every week, the world asks so much: how can one keep up with the news, reviews and points-of-view that show up in comics every single week? You can turn to Clark, that’s what you can do. And within the work of his hands and the links of his soul, you might find a bit of peace. Cheer up and click through, friend!

Bought, Not Opened, And Thrown Away – This Week’s Links

There’s no sleepy days of summer in store for this thing called comics: but how to keep up with the neverending onslaught of news, reviews & points of view? Well if you don’t have the stones to just up and quit–always an option!–than turn to your pal Clark Burscough, who has compiled a dossier of all known values, prepared links to said things, and left it waiting, on the other side of a simple click. Make your play, sibling!

Five Years Left To Cry In – This Week’s Links

Do you know how dangerous it can be to randomly go roaming the internet for comics news, reviews and points of views? Buddy: take a look at that pipeline situation. It’s rough out there! Why not place your faith in the good orderly direction of Clark Burscough’s hands, and allow him to send you towards the artform’s latest twists and turns? It’s the only sensible choice!

Like To A Diver In The Pearly Seas – This Week’s Links

You have to find a reason when your feet hit the floor, and it would probably be a better one if you didn’t come from the web. But that’s where you are, and you’re about to meet a friend: Clark, who has all the comics news, reviews and points of view from the past week that you could need. Your petty resentments can come with you. They always have before!

You Got Time To Duck? – This Week’s Links

Every week, the comics news attempts to defeat Clark Burscough. “There’s no way he can blurb us all”, they say. And yet, every week their reviews, interviews and points-of-views are sliced, diced, codified and linked to in one simple column, where they can be archived unread for future generations to ignore. Wait: that’s not what is supposed to happen! Get to clicking, you children of fortune!

I Don’t Recall Saying “Good Luck” – This Week’s Links

“The world’s too big”, they say: well, make it smaller! Small enough to fit into one single column, containing links to all the comics news, reviews and points of view that were unleashed this past week. We could ask Clark Burscough to do it. What’s this? He already has! Get yourself caught up right now!

This Is Rumor Control, Here Are The Facts – This Week’s Links

It’s time to curl up with the spiciest collection of links this side of a pepper factory explosion where you have to say goodbye to your entire family: it’s comics linking time, with Clark as captain, and the last week of the internet’s comics news, reviews and interviews as your ocean. Get yourself to the oars, which are the links you must click!

Let’s Make The Water Turn Black – This Week’s Links

Don’t walk into the weekend without knowledge cresting your brainpan: what if someone demands you provide it? Clark’s rounded up all the news, reviews and comics related blues that you could ever require in one handy dandy omnibus–all that’s required is that you settle in and allow it to imprint itself across your mental chassis. Get to clicking, childhood Savior!

Imagine You’re A Deer – This Week’s Links

Is comics just one long series of distribution related soap operas that will never die? No, you bozo! It’s an artform with a whole breadth of soap operas that will never die! Why, each week there’s a whole list of news, reviews and interviews to captivate and delight you–why, here’s a bunch now, collected in link form!

Halcyon And On And On – This Week’s Links

Another Friday arrives, and its time for the comics biz to rest its head: but not yours, art-loving-zealot! You’ve got news to read, interviews to click on and critical essays to ponder. Clark’s got them all lined up for you–join him now, on the other side of forever!

La Belle Dame Sans Merci – This Week’s Links

Once again, another week of comics news has arrived: reader, which story while you click on solely for the purpose of the intoxicating rage its narrative will provide? It’s a personal question that only you can answer, with that answer laying beyond the risen shore: begin your journey to truth now.

See You At The Beginning, Friend – This Week’s Links

Information: it’s what you want, and it’s been guaranteed. But what kind, you ask? What kind of information do we have at hand? Information about comics, the kind you ingest with your eyes, after using your fingers to click. Step up and begin: the attainment of knowledge awaits!