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“Pumping Raw Sewage into the Water Supply”: A Conversation about Tech and Stock Illustrations with Roman Muradov

A tech company’s attempt at ripping off a talented artist results in a firehose of explanation for the current state of working with big companies, maintaining one’s own aesthetic, and what we’re talking about when we talk about “selling out”. Continue reading


“I Am the Love Man”: A Valentine’s Day Interview with David Krueger and Ben Marcus

RJ Casey catches up with the creators of Love Man to find out how the project began, what their collaborative process looks like, and what their plans are for the future. Continue reading


It Is Time To Boycott Marvel

RJ Casey has had it up to here, and has decided it’s time to pull out of this whole arrangement. Will you join him? Continue reading


“It Is Kind of Fun to Torture People Through Comics”: The Penny Van Horn Interview

In this interview, Weirdo cartoonist Penny Van Horn talks about color, motherhood, animation, and scratchboard technique. Continue reading


“I’m Still in Art-Monster Mode”: A Conversation with Katie Fricas

Katie Fricas’s peculiar, underground-reminiscent work has appeared in The New York Times, PEN America, and The New Yorker. Here, she talks growing up in a military family, performing in front of crowds, and pigeons. Continue reading


A Plague Comes to SPX

Casey was able to get past previous sponsorships by Amazon-owned comiXology at SPX, but this year is different. Continue reading


“I Achieved That Peace of Mind Involuntarily”: An Interview with D.R.T.

Through writing for this site and being employed by its publisher, I occasionally am lucky enough to get sent books in the mail. None of them have floored me quite like one I received a couple weeks back called Qoberious … Continue reading


Checking In with Zach Kanin

The New Yorker cartoonist and former SNL writer talks about his submission process, attempting to be timeless, and why he had to duck flying projectiles at work. Continue reading