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Al Jaffee At 99

Recently retired at the age of 99, Gary Groth catches up with Al Jaffee on his career, his comics, and the things he left behind. Continue reading


The Gene Deitch Interview

In this 2008 interview, Gary Groth talks to Terrytoons and UPA animator and Terr’ble Thompson cartoonist Gene Deitch. Continue reading


On Publishing Stephen Dixon

Gary Groth reminisces on the experience of publishing Stephen Dixon, who passed away earlier this winter. Continue reading


Gary Groth Interviews Gahan Wilson

Check out this 2011 conversation between cartoonist Gahan Wilson and Fantagraphics publisher and Comics Journal Editor-In-Chief Gary Groth, which originally appeared in the Fantagraphics collection of Wilson’s Playboy cartoons. Continue reading


The Comics Journal #304: Excerpt from The Simon Hanselmann Interview

In this excerpt from TCJ #304, Hanselmann talks about Gretzkys, the relationship between autobiography and fiction, and selling stuffed animals. Continue reading


Gary Groth on Bill Schelly

I don’t remember when I met Bill Schelly, but it may have been as late as 2006, when he pitched the idea of a Joe Kubert biography to me. It may have been earlier—and we may have corresponded briefly in … Continue reading


Tomi Ungerer: 1931-2019

He was an artistic force of nature for more than sixty years — a cartoonist, a children’s book author, a painter, a writer, a sculptor, a sexual provocateur, a political dissident, and more. Continue reading


Comics Journal #303: The Tomi Ungerer Interview (Excerpt)

The prolific Ungerer has been an artistic force of nature for more than 60 years — a cartoonist of international repute, a best-selling children’s book author, a painter, a prose writer, a sculptor, and a political dissident. In this excerpt, he talks about the relationship between writing and drawing. Continue reading