Underground Comix

Of the Old Guard and the New Kids

Author Brian Doherty’s forthcoming narrative history of underground comix, “Dirty Pictures”, is a big one – so big, an entire chapter had to be deleted for space. Today, we present to you that lost chapter as a standalone reflection on the generation gap (or lack thereof) between the underground cartoonists and their older, straighter inspirations.

S. Clay Wilson

Charlie Dear

There’s a new book of S. Clay Wilson’s correspondence out there, and Goshkin is ready to report back on the experience…and to consider why some artists end up with French bank accounts, while others worry about “a doorway reeking of piss”.

Cottage Industry

In 1997, at an age when most men’s life planning turns toward Social Security, Malcolm Whyte launched a new career. He had formerly published books and he wanted to again. But what books and on what scale?