Nobody’s Muse (This Week’s Links)

Hi. My teeth hurt.

I'm going to number This Week's Links because I want to. It's a slow week, I'm curious, and I think it might shake things up fun-like. Still, I'm striving for the culturally valuable Q over the countable Q.

Here is what I'd like you to share with you currently:


1) Gabrielle Bell celebrating the season (swipe/click/scroll to the right!):



2) Al Jaffee's new website, on which you can read about his life and career, explore galleries of photos and art, and buy original artwork and memorabilia. (This isn't a plug, it's Al hecking Jaffee and you need to know this exists — but in full disclosure I have consulted on it a VERY small amount.)


3) This mammoth interview/hangout report with the mighty Robert Williams


4) A reminder about Tom Spurgeon's memorial service at OSU, which takes place tomorrow. As the good man once said, "Get Your Ass To Mars." (In this context, "Mars" is The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library.)


5) The debut of Ivan Brunetti's column at The Paris Review, examining Mark Beyer's Agony


6) Benjamin Clark walking us through and showing photos of a big Moomin exhibit in Tokyo


7) David Lloyd gettin' interviewed on the Word Balloon podcast


8) The newest installment of "Conversations with Ma" by Julia Wertz


9) Mark Evanier explaining how the delay in the sixth volume of the collected Pogo strips is due to the Trump Administration's tariffs against Chinese industry


10) A GoFundMe for comics writer David Gallaher, who has suffered a series of medical issues that have overwhelmed his insurance, and is asking for help


11) Abby James' debut at The New Yorker, previewing her upcoming book


12) Dakota McFadzean promoting his publisher, and his own charmingly unnerving artwork while he's at it (yes, swipe/scroll right on this one too):



13) TCJ reviews:
• Noah Berlatsky on the Bob Eckstein-edited Everyone’s A Critic: The Ultimate Cartoon Book
• Tegan O'Neill on Michel Fiffe's (relaunched) Copra #1
• J. Caleb Mozzocco on George Takei et al.'s They Called Us Enemy
• Noah again on Anne Opotowsky and Angie Hoffmeister's Nocturne: The Walled City Trilogy (Book Two)


14) And these reviews, too:
Paco Roca’s The House, by Andy Oliver at Broken Frontier
Gabrielle Bell's My Dog Ivy, by Scott Cederlund at Panel Patter
Frank Miller and Rafael Grampa's The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child #1, by Christopher Egan at Multiversity
Loïc Clément and Anne Montel's Days of Sugar and Spice, by Louis Skye at Women Write about Comics


15) News that Diamond's revamped shipping boxes will become the Wheaties of the shipping industry. There's even a before/after chart!


16) Peter Kuper interviewed about his Heart of Darkness adaptation at Print (via Michael Maslin)


17) Bill Maudlin's "World War 3" cartoons from a 1951 issue of Collier's exploring the fictional aftermath of an all-out conflict between United Nations allies and Russia


18) A spotlight on Gabby Rivera and Royal Dunlap's b.b. free


19) Graphic novel market trends! Why not?


20) Barry Windsor-Smith's return, in self-published graphic novel form


21) Alex Ross' passionate appreciation for Spider-Man's costume design. Spider-Man is the best comic book superhero and he has the best costume. Yes, Ross mentions Spidey creator Steve Ditko. If he didn't, this video would not be included here.


22) This bonkers, twenty minute history lesson about Dazzler on SyFy Wire. (It's only bonkers because it's Dazzler.) Host Mike Avila got an impressive number of people to appear on camera to talk about Dazzler.


23) Bleeding Cool's recap of inker Art Thibert's live YouTube stream in which he discusses being shut out of Marvel work


24) Women Write about Comics' latest "Cover Girl" column, analyzing the front page of The Amazing Mary Jane #1


25) Billy Henehan of The Beat's interview with Todd McFarlane, who cannot be contained by only one post: find Part 2 over here


26) Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird's reunion, brought about by a Netflix show focusing on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys


27) Peruvian comics creators Jesús Cossio and Carla Sagástegui interviewed by Nicholas Burman at TCJ


28) Writer Brian Azzarello interviewed by Arno Kikoo at Comics Blog (en francais)


29) Rachel Cooke of The Guardian making some picks for the best graphic novels of 2019


30) An incredible Jimmy Swinnerton comic posted by Columbia U.'s Karen Green, and the highly upsetting information that he'd mail original art as if it was a postcard (swiiiiiipe):



Thirty links! (Wow, I wonder what my average is.) Okay, so let's see, I get paid a penny per...

Toodles, ya noodles!