A Cartoonist’s Diary

Michael DeForge: Day Two

I've recently started a pretty sweet gig doing some prop design for Adventure Time. The work forces me to simplify my drawing a lot, which is good for me. I tend to overdraw everything to hide all my screw ups: errors in construction or perspective, stuff like that. I can't do that here, so the process has been shaking me out of some bad drawing habits.

Andy Ristaino is an amazing artist to work with, and he is very, very, very patient correcting all of my mistakes.

Here's some lettering work I did for my friend Jacob Horwood's label. Working on this kind of thing is very relaxing for me:

I go to the Beguiling and buy some new and old stuff: Night Animals, Tom Herpich's Cusp, BPRD, and this Jiro Ishikawa book:

This Ishikawa material is the sort of thing that I can't believe took me this long to get to.

Anne Koyama hosted a dinner with John Martz and his girlfriend Lindsay, Ethan Rilly, myself, and my girlfriend Laura. Ethan and I trade editions of ACME Novelty sketchbooks. (I had volume 1. He had volume 2.) I sometimes wonder if I'll ever regret throwing out my sketchbooks once I use them up. I usually cut up any preliminary notes or drawings that I might want to use for later, but dump the reset. I get anxious holding onto them.

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