MK Reed: Day Three

Garden work; a helpful pet; a fancy dress; trophies awarded before a thousand eyes in an empty room.

MK Reed: Day Two

Today, MK and her sibling try to find some sense of normalcy in the face of 2020’s various awfulness by heading out to the farm!

MK Reed: Day One

A new Cartoonist’s Diary begins, and so does a new era for a dog, depicted by MK Reed as having experienced, for the first time…well, you’ll just have to read on to find out!

Max Huffman: Day Five

In today’s conclusion of Max Huffman’s Diary, he turns his pen to the recesses of his memory, delivers a classic “footprints” gag, and touches upon current affairs in a universal fashion. It’s what we in the comics business call a “perfect landing”. Get in here, buddy!

Max Huffman: Day Four

“There’s something in them trees”, Billy once said. Which Billy? And how many trees are there at the beach, anyway? Answers: they await you, here on the precipice of clicking through to Day Four of Max Huffman’s Cartoonist’s Diary!

Max Huffman: Day Three

Max and his crew have made it to the beach–but so has a helicopter. What’s going on? And what’s going on with the supply situation? There’s only one way to find out!

Max Huffman: Day Two

When you hear it wrong, but it makes it oh so right: that’s what the pizza guys call “amore”. It’s day two for Max, and he’s heading to the beach!

Max Huffman: Day One

Max Huffman launches this week’s diary by sitting down and experiencing an emotional launch of his own: the kind that only cartooning can provide, without lasting physical repercussions!

François Vigneault: Days 10-11

Today, François pulls back the curtain to show off the trusty steed that serves as chariot for the road trip these diaries depict: and speaking of depictions, today’s whale is still alive!

François Vigneault: Days 5-9

Will François’s visit to a Canadian lighthouse turn out like the lighthouse experience depicted in the movie with Willem Dafoe? Only a keen reader of today’s Cartoonist’s Diary will know the answer, unless somebody spoils it for them first. Don’t do that!

François Vigneault: Day 1-4

Today, one week will become two, as we’ll be joining François Vigneault for his travels along Canada’s Côte-Nord. In this installment, kayaks, subwoofers and Dan Brown make an appearance!

Ego’s Door: A Cartoonist’s Diary

This week’s Cartoonist’s Diary comes at you in one extreme, recognizably dramatic installment: join Michael Olivo as he and a very special guest deal with existential and creative ennui via illustrative assault. Or do they?

Mike Shea-Wright: Day Four

Mike Shea-Wright is an illustrator and public school teacher in New York, NY. Current focus is a quarterly mini-comic & art mail Patreon, and printing a couple projects for his Gumroad that are just sitting on his computer ready to ride. He also enjoys printmaking, bookbinding, and figuring out which left-behind student drawings will make good tattoos. He is @susan_saranwrap on Instagram.

Mike Shea-Wright: Day Three

Today, Mike is messing around with some new tools, letting The Conformist inform his thoughts and pace his training: it’s a classic Cartoonist’s Diary situation!

Mike Shea-Wright: Day Two

TCJ’s annual coverage of Garfield makes an earlier than usual appearance in today’s Diary (try to spot ’em all!). But what’s this? Pluggers to boot? My cup, she runneth over!