Two Down

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Cartoonist Wren McDonald, author of Cyber Realm, began a diary for us but it went into another realm, so here we publish it as... a comic!

And Rob Clough reviews Fatherland by Nina Bunjevac.

The first thing one notices about Nina Bunjevac’s work is its density. Her cross-hatching and stippling pounds the reader, letting them know that these images are not going to let them go easily. Her skill as a draftsman is astounding, especially given the labor-intensive methods she chooses to employ. In her first book, Heartless, Bunjevac combined a heavy use of blacks with a cartoony line that was both whimsical and sinister. Her character design was cute, but her characters lived in a grim and unforgiving world. I noted in a review that her comics were a combination of Drew Friedman’s early pointillism, Kim Deitch’s oddly cartoony characters, and Phoebe Gloeckner’s hyperrealism. Her new book,Fatherland, is an expansion on one of the stories from Heartless titled “August, 1977”, about the accidental death of her father, who happened to be a Serbian royalist terrorist, and a letter her mother wrote her after she took two of their children with her when she left.



TCJ contributor John Kelly has been named Executive Director of the ToonSeum, a comic and cartoon art museum in Pittsburgh. Congrats to John.

Here's an interesting look at the inroads one studio is making with VR technology, something that seems very much at the forefront of various animators minds.

Skip Williamson documentary coming right up!