Kevin Budnik: Day Two

Kevin packs more into a day than I would into a week, and then you sit straight up in bed, wild-eyed and out of breath. “Holy shit” you say, “And he still found time to draw it, too?”

Kevin Budnik: Day One

Kevin Budnik’s Cartoonist Diary begins–and today sees him asking the question of whether he’s said everything one can with this medium. Let’s answer that for him: not yet, Kevin! Keep them coming.

Michael Comeau: Day Five

In today’s final installment in Michael Comeau’s Diary, we are given a lens into the degradation–moral, physical and environmental–that Coca Cola brings to the world.

Michael Comeau: Day Four

In today’s Cartoonist’s Diary, Michael Comeau is talking skateboarding, and how it applies to absolutely everything that is or is not skateboarding.

Michael Comeau: Day Three

In today’s installment of Michael Comeau’s Cartoonist Diary, it’s time to talk relationships. Some might say “TMI”. To those people, we say: GTFO!

Michael Comeau: Day One

A new diary begins, and in day one we’re introduced to Michael Comeau’s impersonation of Encyclopedia Brown, which goes well with his coworker Julie, who makes a Rowdy Roddy Piper reference.

Malcy Duff: Day Five

You never know what people are thinking about when they’re standing next to you. Maybe they turned you into a slimy beast!

Malcy Duff: Day Three

Malcy isn’t feeling well, and while he isn’t going to share the sickness, he’s ready to walk you through how it sounds. Is it Cartoonist Diary Time? Yes, it is Cartoonist Diary Time.

Malcy Duff: Day Two

There’s always art available, if you know how to look for it. And sometimes, that art is an artist, seen by its double. It’s called a positive attitude, pal!

Malcy Duff: Day 1

There’s a first time for everything, and today, that first time is dealing with a canal lock in action. Malcy Duff, take it away: a new Cartoonist’s Diary begins!

Dylan Edwards: Day Three

Another day, another Cartoonist’s Diary entry, another opportunity to potentially frustrate the locals with tourist-style mishaps!

Dylan Edwards: Day Two

Choreographed heavy metal crowd work: there’s more to translation than merely the spoken word. Dylan Edwards is ready to play catch-up, in today’s Cartoonist’s Diary!

Dylan Edwards: Day One

Dylan Edwards is in Japan, and so is heavy metal band Mejibray. Can Dylan make it through the evening, or will drink ticket politics stymie a dream? A new Cartoonist Diary begins!

Luke Healy: Day Five

In today’s conclusion to Luke Healy’s Diary, the other reason for his trip home emerges: an evening with Janelle Monae!

Luke Healy: Day Four

Today: the day that Luke Healy’s long search for vegetarian options at Irish restaurants finally reached a satisfactory end. And then one of his “friends” tries to ruin the moment?! Cartoonist Diary, tell the tale!

Luke Healy: Day Three

In today’s installment, Luke digs into his archives and finds memory lane slow going. After that? It’s time to watch movies with the fam, which is its own kind of roller coaster.

Luke Healy: Day Two

Another day, another meal made up of french fries. (Luke Healy calls ’em chips, but we all know what he means!) Then it’s off to the cemetery to feed the rabbits. His words!

Luke Healy: Day One

You can’t go home again–hey, wait a second! Shouldn’t that be that you “shouldn’t”? Maybe this week’s Cartoonist Diary can square that circle. Take us to church, Luke Healy!

Kurt Ankeny: Day Five

Sometimes you just gotta ignore the rules, or else you won’t be able to put your hands on a classic. Kurt Ankeny explains, in today’s Diary!

Kurt Ankeny: Day Four

Today, Kurt Ankeny’s Diary turns the volume way down so that color and patience can tell the story pretty much on their own.