Too Short

Geneviève Elverum died on Saturday. Her husband, Phil Elverum, announced her passing. I knew Geneviève a bit over the years. Of course I admired her immense talent, but also found her extremely warm, kind and humble, yet quite clearly driven by and for her art. She did nothing halfway, so her releases were like little events, and looking back now I see that she was with me through much of my adulthood -- her poetic, empathic comics offering both revelation and solace. Geneviève will be greatly missed by all of us. Go out and read her comics. They are very, very special. You can buy her most recent book, Susceptible, here. Please keep her family in your thoughts and give as you can to their fundraising efforts.

You can read Naomi Fry's interview with her here. Rob Clough reviewed Susceptible here.

Around the internet, The NY Times excerpted a short comic here. Tom Spurgeon's interview is here. Drawn & Quarterly's 2013 appreciation is here.

TCJ will have an obituary soon and we will post tributes as they come in.

Thank you, Geneviève.

Mask of Creation, 2007
%22Tout Seul dans la Forêt en Plein Jour, Avez-Vous Peur- Cover%22 2007
Tout Seul dans la Forêt en Plein Jour, Avez-Vous Peur, (cover) 2007
Weener, 2007