Shoes Off

Hear that? No? Me too. It's quiet out there in comics land. I mean, there is a gentle humming of the usual controversies and complaints, but really, it's summer and there's a slow-down afoot. I mean, unless you count SDCC, but I'm not going, and really, why go when I can just read Tom Spurgeon's reports. Soooo much more satisfying. Anyhow, on with the day I guess?

Tucker Stone slows down for no one, and so here he is to get you through the weekend.

And Rob Clough reviews Nelson, the enormous British comics project.

Elsewhere online:

Here's David Brothers on Garth Ennis. Everyone tries to get me into Garth Ennis, but so far I think I only liked his Punisher series. R. Fiore has me wanting to read The Shadow, though. See, I'm susceptible. Oh, and holy shit, did you all read Funnybook Roulette on Wednesday? It's nice to publish one of the all-time greatest writers about comics. I mean, he went from Chester Brown to Alex Ross without skipping a beat. That's just goooood.

And the great R.O. Blechman was recently inducted into the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame and here's a fine profile on The Atlantic site. Blechman's work is worth seeking out in any form, whether the recent short story collection that D&Q released or his incredibly fun monograph, Behind the Lines, which is now out of print but really important. Jeet Heer interviewed the artist for us last year.

And finally, hey, it's Vern Greene! I love to read about Vern Greene, one of the great personalities in comic strips. Not a major talent, but an important figure and I guy it woulda been fun to chat with.