Paying Homage

Today we have tributes to Kim Thompson from David B., Peter Bagge, Daniel Clowes, Al Columbia, Mark Evanier, R. Fiore, Sam Henderson, Paul Hornschemeier, Eric Reynolds, Joe Sacco, and Chris Ware. Here is Daniel Clowes:

Kim had, from my vantage, what appeared to be an enviable life: a happy home, and an unending pride in his calling. He was truly a gentle, kind soul, though he always thought of himself as a bit of a punk, I think. I don’t remember ever seeing him angry, and he treated even the lowliest of adversaries with good-natured acceptance. Dave Sim has probably lost his only sane defender. Kim knew he and Gary had done something beyond what anyone could have ever imagined and he seemed continually giddy over what turned out to be an astounding and indelible achievement.

And we've also dug up his original review of Ronin from The Comics Journal #82 (July 1983).

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