December 2022: Los Angeles Bound

Many comic book creator signings took place in Los Angeles this past December to close out 2022! There was the Love and Rockets 40th anniversary book signing for Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez at Golden Apple Comics on Saturday December 17, 2022. One week prior at Golden Apple, on December 10, Bill Sienkiewicz had appeared with Jae Lee, Kelvin Mao & Robert Windom for their work on the just-released final issue of the Image series Seven Sons. And before that, on Sunday, December 4, was Permanent Damage 4, a comics and music show at Permanent Records Roadhouse in Los Angeles. Photos from those events, in that order, can be seen below.

* * *

DECEMBER 17: Gilbert Hernandez, Ryan Liebowitz (owner of Golden Apple Comics), Jaime Hernandez, Carol Kovinick Hernandez and Katie Skelly outside of Golden Apple on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles.
The signing begins: Gilbert, Ryan and Jaime inside Golden Apple Comics.
Gilbert and Jaime.
Gilbert signing the new Love and Rockets: The First Fifty slipcase set as Ryan looks on.
Gilbert and Ryan.
Jaime and Gilbert sign the Love and Rockets retail poster from Fantagraphics, a giveaway to fans who attended the event.
Jaime behind Gilbert.
Los Bros.
Jaime signs inventory copies of his work for Ryan and Golden Apple Comics.
Gilbert, Ryan and Jaime.
Ryan and Jaime.
Gilbert, Ryan and Jaime.
DECEMBER 10: Bill Sienkiewicz signs at Golden Apple Comics. Also in attendance were Jae Lee, Kelvin Mao & Robert Windom, promoting the final issue of their Image series Seven Sons.
DECEMBER 4: Katie Skelly and Harry Nordlinger tabling at Permanent Damage 4.
Katie and Harry.
Jacq Cohen of Fantagraphics with Anna Haifisch.
Josh Pettinger.
Simon Hanselmann.
Anna Haifisch.
Simon and Anna.
Harry Nordlinger.
Jasper Jubenville and Nate Garcia.
Nate and Jasper.
Josh Pettinger and Nate.