Jason Novak

Jason Novak: Day Five

It’s Friday, and for Jason’s final TCJ installment, the subject is RAGE. Repressed rage, silent rage, grocery store rage, impatience-driven rage – they all make an appearance! Step on in… it’s Diary time!

Jason Novak

Jason Novak: Day Four

One way to grapple with parental issues? Put them down on pen and paper – and if you’re a creative type, make it drawing. Today, Jason tackles that theory with someone who has put it to practice!

Jason Novak

Jason Novak: Day One

If you’re launching a talk show, people will tune in out of curiosity. And if you turn your first guest into a cat? Well, that’s how you ensure a ratings bonanza. A new Diary begins!

André Valente: Day Four

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and sometimes, your first impression includes a phrase that you may never be able to recover from. André Valente presents: A Cautionary Tale!

andré valente

André Valente: Day One

André Valente begins his week of diaries to attention, by answering the big linguistic questions…and chasing around the visual concept of what it would look like if Andre The Giant and Mandy Patinkin got together and had a couple of babies.