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The Ink Farm Jam Comic: Day 5

The Ink Farm is a place in Augusta, Kentucky. It was founded by the artists Carol Tyler and Justin Green (1945-2022), in the hopes of establishing a retreat for cartoonists to work as they pleased, deep in the natural world. In late May of 2023, the artists Tom Hart and Josh Bayer traveled to the Ink Farm to assist Tyler in cutting trails, digging stumps, cleaning and sorting - all the hard work of setting things up.

During that time, the artists collaborated on a jam comic, its pages put together with only what was at hand: scrap paper, sticky notes, ink on gall weed. They were visited by the artist Hyena Hell, who contributed additional art. The pages appear here in raw, uncorrected form, as an immediate, very subjective, not-always-chronological record of May 23-29, as experienced by four cartoonists on the Ink Farm.

A new post, with new pages, appeared every day this week. All five days can be navigated at the bottom of this page.

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Pg. 1: Carol Tyler
Pgs. 2-3: Tom Hart
Pgs. 4-6: Josh Bayer
Pg. 7: Carol Tyler

Thank you for reading.

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