Today on the site Joe takes us through one of the last release weeks of 2015...


Looking for a good holiday gift? May I recommend heading over to Marc Bell's online store? Yes, I will. Prints, patches, sculpture, what else do you want? Marc has also completed the posting of his and Joey Haley's series of films, exhumed from a 1990s bank vault.

Deconstructing Comics posts its 10th anniversary show.

Pam Butler and Kim Deitch are posting their drawings for Christmas cards from over the years, and of course it's a typically awesome bunch.

Ryan Holmberg has a feature in the new Art in America about the depiction of nuclear power plant works in Japanese art and comics. Print only for now.

And now a shameless plug: Look, I now have a web site for my own projects! Visit it and, uh, see what else I'm doing?