A Cartoonist’s Diary

Brandon Graham: Doomsday 4 Dummies


I woke around noon today.

Me and Mia Schwartz are doing a poster together -- these are some of the rough ideas we've been emailing back and forth. Me on the Left, her on Right.

These are some of her recent pages for a thing shes doing in Fixit magazine. I like the tricks she did on these with the pixeled out armpit and the list. (Karate)

Mia's site:


and Fixit: http://fixit-mag.com/#

Also my Homie Simon Roy sent me a short thing he's doing for the Popgun anthology. I like how wintery the colors turned out.

Simon's site: http://povorot.deviantart.com/

One of my duties in this life is to bring my lady muffins when the need arises. The people that work at the coffee shop I get them from think I'm some weird muffin-obsessed muffin pervert.

Then I went to my favorite comic store on earth, RX Comics.

I should pay rent for how much time I spend in the quarter bins outside the door.

This is the inside. I'm all about the dense clutter of the place. I go into RX like 3 times a week and always find new stuff.

I met up with Steve LeCouilliard there to trade some pages.

This is Steve:

And this is one of the pages I got from him. I'm all about how he draws pigs.

Steve does a comic called Much the Miller’s Son. It's good stuff. His next book of it is all color.

You can read the thing here:



Next I went with my lady space assassin Marian to pick up a package and get flour.

Here's a sign in the neighborhood I like.

Here's some designs I liked at the grocery empire. If you like the look of these as much as I do we have some cumin ground.

After we got the package (a human head), I tried to get my photo taken on this chilled-out gentleman alligator that I like. Some asshole walked in front of the camera.


By 6, all of my duties in life were out of the way so I made coffee and drank it with this rum carrot cake that Marian made. It's the stuff of legends.

I read Stokoe's new Orc Stain on the toilet (shit taking comics bra). Whenever I hear anyone say that they don't have time to read comics I always assume they don't have bowel movements.

I'm biased as shit about James's stuff but I really dug this issue. I like what he's doing with the colors too, it seems like he's getting even more solid with it.

Then I colored Multiple Warheads pages while listening to lots of rap.

I took a break for lunch. I have this idea that bowl noodles are the working food that I can have in my lap and not get slowed down by all these human needs.

I went downstairs to harass Marian.

Here's how that page I put up the pencils of on Monday came out.

I based those marsh mellow dudes in the last panel off of how Marian's erasers look (she uses red pencils).

I did some reworking of the 3rd panel after I'd inked it. that smudge is white out and I had an idea I liked better on how to draw her arms so I drew it on another page and put it in in Photoshop.


And here's some layout I've been working on. This is usually how I write my pages, I'll come up with a super rough plan of what happens in an issue and then plan out each scene like this as I go.

It's a nice night here.

Brandon Graham is the creator of King City and Multiple Warheads.