Justin Green

Remembering Justin Green

An extraordinary group of artists, friends and admirers has been gathered by John Kelly to pay tribute to the great Justin Green, one of the most influential and powerful storytellers of the underground generation.

Neal Adams

The 1974 Neal Adams interview

In this pre-Journal Word Balloons fanzine interview, Neal Adams talks to Martin Pasko about drawing character expression, the Marvel method, and his take on artists such as Gil Kane, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and Joe Kubert.

Giacomo Nanni

Giacomo Nanni: Narrator of All

Starting the month off right, Matteo Gaspari debuts a new series of in-depth articles about contemporary Italian cartoonists who deserve greater recognition, both in Italy and abroad. First up: Giacomo Nanni, who gives narrating life to trees, cats, earthquakes and more.

André Valente: Day Four

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and sometimes, your first impression includes a phrase that you may never be able to recover from. André Valente presents: A Cautionary Tale!


Finding Format

“Webtoons” are the rising popular style of webcomics today, employing an infinite canvass to draw the reader’s eye downward in the manner typical of internet publishing. But what happens when these comics are transformed into books? Aidan Lee explores the bumpy results.

andré valente

André Valente: Day One

André Valente begins his week of diaries to attention, by answering the big linguistic questions…and chasing around the visual concept of what it would look like if Andre The Giant and Mandy Patinkin got together and had a couple of babies.