Riad Sattouf

A Boy’s Life

A reflection on memoir as morbid fiction, the exquisite torture of progress, and the unfinished English translation of Riad Sattouf’s The Arab of the Future.

The Conclusion of Happy Mania

Flashback to 2001, as we catch a contemporaneous newspaper reaction to the end of Happy Mania, the breakthrough series of women’s manga superstar Anno Moyoko. Writer Miyamoto Hirohito is translated here by Jon Holt and Saki Hirozane.

Retail Therapy

Morgan’s Comics

Out in North Carolina, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Morgan’s Comics seeks to be a community gathering place. Zach sits down with Morgan Albritton herself to hear about how it’s going.


The Devil Never Sleeps

Your wretched editor writes about Chantal Montellier’s newly-translated Social Fiction and Frédéric Coché’s new, needs-no-translation L’Almageste.