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Geis II: A Game Without Rules

My mental image of the American West has the texture of 1970s film grain seen in spaghetti westerns. I justify this instinctive deferral to technological contrivance by believing that the dirt and sand of the desert find a home in … Continue reading


The Lie and How We Told It

Here is a great truth about our age of gender fluidity, queer visibility, and increasingly ductile sexual identities: regardless of our sexual self-identification, we are all the same. An observation so banal as to be ridiculous, perhaps, but considered not … Continue reading


Mister Morgen

Igor Hofbauer’s stories niggle at the dark recesses of the psyche. They are visits implying there’s much more to face, panels awaiting uncovering, but we don’t want these scenes of extended hideous horror to be so easily explained or, for … Continue reading


The Big Book of Bisexual Trials and Errors

A collection of comics detailing cartoonist Elizabeth Beier’s coming of age, with a focus on her introduction to the complicated world of bisexual dating & romance. Continue reading



It’s page 5 of Monograph, and Chris Ware is fretting! “To make a book of things that one likely already has would be a useless waste of paper, and a bummer. So I had to try to figure out a … Continue reading


Spy Seal: The Corten-Steel Phoenix

I will be completely honest, I did not intend to like Spy Seal: The Corten-Steel Phoenix! That the book won me over is a testament to the skill of its creator. Why didn’t I think I was going to like … Continue reading



Folks: Capitalism is broken. I hate to be the one to tell you, and it’s really a bummer that you’re learning about it for the first time in a comic book review on the internet, but capitalism–the most dominant socioeconomic … Continue reading


Days of Hate #1

“Remember when we all hated on 2016 online?”, this comic begins. “Called it a trash fire? And then on 2017? 2018, the elections? People don’t even hate on 2022. We’re catatonic.” So what do we know? Days of Hate is … Continue reading