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Noah Van Sciver: Day One


Noah Van Sciver is the artist behind the series Blammo and such graphic novels as Saint Cole, Fante Bukowski, and The Hypo.


3 Responses to Noah Van Sciver: Day One

  1. Matthew McDaniel says:

    I can’t believe TCJ supports and endorses chair thievery. Shame on you van Sciver! and SHAME ON YOU TCJ!

  2. zbicyclist says:

    Re Appleseed:
    I was listening to a podcast of “Ask Me Another”, an NPR trivia show. The question asked in what city he was buried (Ft Wayne, obviously). But the host was surprised by the question, since she thought Chapman was a fictional character.

    Probably not the only person who thinks this. Good luck with the book. Be nice to Luke Howard at CCS.

  3. Groth says:

    We have always endorsed chair thievery. This endorsement has been on the record since TCJ 38. This should come as no surprise.

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