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“Every comic is the last one”: Jonathan Chandler Interview

I have no idea how to describe Jonathan Chandler and neither does he. He’s not a cartoonist and he’s not an illustrator, and it doesn’t even feel like he’s drawing comics because he wants to draw comics — he’s an … Continue reading


Don’t Make Me Come Back There: A Whinge

On comics complaints, women in comics, and various approaches to public engagement. Continue reading


Small Human Ordinariness: An Interview With Tom Gauld

The British author of Goliath talks to Hayley Campbell about storytelling, drawing and youthful dreams. Continue reading


Dead Birds, Big Questions: Anders Nilsen

After a stopover in London Anders Nilsen reflects on Big Questions via 15 years of covers. Continue reading


The Day I Almost Killed Kurt Busiek

On the ground and in the bars at 29th Salón Internacional del Cómic de Barcelona Continue reading