Today on the site Rob Clough reviews The End Of The Fucking World.

Originally published as a series of short minicomics through his own Oily Comics micropublishing concern, Chuck Forsman’s The End Of The Fucking World (TEOTFW) is an incredibly assured debut for an artist who’s been making huge strides since graduating from the Center for Cartoon Studies. Given how many excellent minicomics he’s made (especially in his Snake Oil series), I hesitate to call this book a “debut”, yet for many it will be their first exposure to Forsman’s work. Forsman’s main storytelling interests revolve around the aimless, most especially teenagers as they react to their parents. He has a knack for giving voice to a certain sense of ennui and desperation for connection and meaning, yet manages to do so in a way that avoids navel-gazing and static storytelling.


Marvel won a summary judgement against the Jack Kirby heirs.

This article is a depressing reminder of a vastly popular corner of comics, and its attendant opinions.

And in better news, musician and really great, overlooked cartoonist Michael Hurley is getting  voluminous coverage in the new issue of Arthur. It's good to see something like this happen, and a reminder that there are still "discoveries" to be made.

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